Shape and dimensions

In building a bio-lake the choice of shapes and dimensions is totally free, as there are no prearranged or fixed construction patterns.

Choosing the site

A bio-lake must be sheltered from the wind to ensure plant protection and we advise against a location which is too low where cold air can accumulate. The bio-lake should be at the desirable distance of at least 8 meters from trees in order to:

  • avoid falling leaves;
  • root propagation which may affect the foundations;
  • the shade produced from tree foliage thwarts plant blooming; furthermore, some types of leaves contain chemical components which can jeopardize the whole system.

Bio-lake constituents

  • The bathing area is free from the presence of water plants and its underwater surface is clearly visible and is lined with impermeable material covered with pebble stones and water plants.
  • The peripheral lake area borders with the bathing area; it is not as deep and it functions as a purification area to regenerate the water.
  • A water circulation pump sends the purified water from the regeneration area to the bathing area.
  • An upstream ‘purifying lake’, whose surface needs to be about 30% of the bathing area, containing palustrine plants.
  • A stream which connects the purification lake to the bathing lake. The stream water, which receives oxygen from leaps and a small water fall, reappears in the form of a pleasant artificial spring.
  • Floating skimmers (plastic nets) function as surface leaf collectors.
  • Natural filters complete the purification system.


It is important to have a water source near the bio-lake site in order to facilitate initial filling, cleaning and replenishing during the summer months.


It is necessary to have an electric installation in the vicinity of the bio-lake for pumps, filters and lighting.