Vera Luciani, who has been living in Tuscany for over twenty years, was born in Venice and there she attended the Benedetto Marcello Conservatory where she studied the violin, the piano and attended singing lessons.

She later discovered her passion for the environment, landscapes and botany, which would determine her professional choices thereafter. In the year 2000, she received her first important assignment from the proprietors of the “Hapimag Resort”, an estate located in the area of Pentolina (near Siena, Tuscany). Here she developed the green areas, supervising their creation and managing personnel, working together with the Swiss company “Idea Verde”. Subsequently, Vera took on the construction management of other important estates, also located in the Siena province.

In the early years of her profession, Vera Luciani trained at the Agricultural School of the Parco Reale of Monza earning her diploma as garden designer, organic nursery woman and ornamental garden professional, while acquiring expertise at the same time.

In 2003, she began to pursue a career as Luciani Giardini, with her company specializing in the design and construction of gardens, bio-lakes and salt water swimming pools, in addition to designing private gardens. At the same time, Vera’s knowledge was expanding, both in the field of bioengineering applied to green spaces and in the realm of aquatic plants and their cultivation.

Thus far, Vera Luciani has designed and created many bio lakes and natural swimming pools which characterize and enrich the Italian landscape. Her acquired experience, coupled with her keeping abreast of new technologies, which she applies to the creation of bio-lakes and natural pools, have produced in Vera an expert in much demand as a round table rapporteur at conferences and seminars, in Italy as well as abroad.

Vera Luciani is a supporting member of the “Fondazione Italiana per la Bioarchitettura e l’Antropizzazione Sostenibile dell’Ambiente”.